IDF World Dairy Summit 2018

IDF World Dairy Summit 2018

Bajo el lema «Productos lácteos para la próxima generación», la próxima Cumbre Mundial de Productos Lácteos de la FIL explorará cuestiones emergentes y aspectos clave de la industria láctea y ofrecerá perspectivas inspiradoras para el siempre cambiante sector lácteo mundial. La cumbre también ofrece una plataforma dinámica e interactiva para que los participantes intercambien tecnologías y conocimientos de vanguardia, identifiquen un programa común, desarrollen soluciones compartidas y mejoren la producción lechera.

IDF World Dairy Summit 2018

The IDF World Dairy Summit is the flagship event of the International Dairy Federation attracting between 1,500-2,000 participants from all over the world. Whether you’re a dairy CEO, work for a dairy processing company or trade association, a dairy farmer, an economist, a marketer, a scientist, a technical specialist or a supplier to the dairy industry the World Dairy Summit has a great deal to offer you. Please visit our website and take a look at our program to see what’s on offer.

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Three reasons you can’t afford to miss the IDF WDS 2018 in Daejeon are:

  • multi-disciplinary program which is truly representative of the global dairy industry with engaging and informative speakers tackling traditional as well as innovative subject areas.
  • The networking opportunities at IDF World Dairy Summits is superb and with this year’s program of events, IDF aims to offer you the ideal forum to meet key stakeholders from across the dairy sector and beyond.
  • technical program which offers the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in taking product from concept to market, safety and quality, farm practice, nutrition and health, as well a s, applying science to knowledge, business and technology exchange.


Programme: Programme_IDFWDS2018.pdf (269 descargas)


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